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The Black Tequila Trill Hour - Episode 14 (Eating Good In The Bill Clinton Era)

Remember when a business called Blockbuster Videos existed and we rented movies like Bio-Dome and Excino Man? Neither do we! Straight from the nostalgic time machine it's the Black Tequila Trill Hour with Jerome and Daylito. Because of Nickelodean's decision to bring back all of their classic 90's shows on their network we decided to make the next couple of episodes reminissing about the 90's which in our opinion is the greatest time to live and we talk about subjects such as: how Joey Lawrence from the show Blossom was the original Justin Bieber, the ungodly power of Walker Texas Ranger, how the Harlem Globtrotters never becaome the NBA World Champions, how at one time America had a great stable economy, and how Rick Morantis was and still is a great man.


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